The residents of Port Charles are preparing for the holiday season and while this time of year is typically full of cheer and laughter, there has been nothing but tears and sorrow when it comes to the Jason, Sam and Drew love triangle. Although the three have done their best to be as mature as they can about the situation, it looks like the next two weeks of “General Hospital” may show a different side of these characters.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) has made it clear to everyone that she is madly in love with Drew (Billy Miller,) but it seems like he has been questioning where they stand since Jason (Steve Burton) came back into the picture.

In the promo for the upcoming episode, Sam seems excited as she tells Drew to put the ring on her finger. After realizing they weren’t legally married, Drew suggested he and Sam hold off on becoming man and wife because he didn’t know who he was.

Although Sam initially agreed, her feelings for Drew were questioned by others on several occasions, and she ended up proposing to Drew. Could Sam have pushed marriage on Drew to convince everyone else that she is in love with him?

It looks like Sam’s loyalty to Drew may be tested when Jason is hit with his latest heartbreak. After successfully telling Danny (TK Weaver) that he is his real father, Jason tries his luck with Jake (Hudson West), but things don’t go as smoothly.

In the preview, Jake coldly tells his biological father that he has no interest in getting to know him.

When Jason, Sam and Drew told Danny the truth about his real father, Sam cried because she thought the reveal hurt Drew. While she has declared her heart to Drew, Sam previously admitted that she still loves Jason, and it is unlikely that she will ignore his pain once she finds out Jake rejected him.

Next week, Sam is expected to run into Jason, and there is a good chance he will share the heartbreaking details about his encounter with his son. Since Jason has returned, Sam has done her best to avoid being alone with him because she is constantly flooded with the memories they made together.

It will be interesting to see how she reacts when the man who was once the love of her life reveals he is in pain once again. GH spoilers for the upcoming week also tease that Sam will make a pivotal confession.

If she was to finally declare her love for Jason, there is no telling that he would be receptive. Jason has become skilled at turning his feelings off, and between the heartbreak of constantly seeing Sam with another man and the rejection of his son, he may have reached his breaking point.

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