Ryan may think his plans with Ava are finally falling into place but next week on “General Hospital,” Laura will threaten to expose his Ferncliff secret and end his reign of murderous terror in Port Charles.

Last week on “General Hospital,” Laura (Genie Francis) noted that Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) wasn’t acting like the man she married and he insisted that he was a new man.

When he suggested they rush their divorce and discuss their prenuptial agreement, Laura seemed shocked but suggested lawyers should be present for that conversation.

Viewers are aware that Laura and Kevin don’t have a prenup and the real Kevin told his twin brother there was one in order to make people suspicious.

It appears his plan worked because Laura followed Ryan out of the hospital, unaware he was making a trip to Ferncliff to visit her real husband. According to Soap Hub, “GH” spoilers suggest Laura will finally see the real Kevin and recognize her husband immediately.

However, Ryan will also be aware of Laura’s presence and could go to extreme lengths to keep her quiet. Would Ryan be willing to kill Laura to cover up his secret or could he have something else in mind?

Elsewhere in the ABC soap opera, Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) will want Franco (Roger Howarth) to confess to killing KIki (Hayley Erin) in order to draw out the real murderer, but he isn’t willing to go along with her plan.

If Franco can’t bring himself to falsely admit that he killed the young woman he considered to be his daughter, will Ryan continue to get away with murder or will Franco eventually agree and expose the real killer?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.