Carly has been going over every detail of her plan to help Jason escape from Pentonville, but on the Monday, May 3 episode of “General Hospital,” someone may ruin her reunion with her best friend.

Where Did We Leave Off?

In the last episode of “GH,” Jason’s hospital visit took a hostile turn when Cameron barged into his room and began accusing him of killing Franco. Jason allowed the teen to take out his anger until Britt interrupted and Cameron left.

The high schooler then ran into Liz and insisted Jason was a lost cause and guilty of killing Franco.

Elsewhere, Nina was desperate to get Jax away from Nixon Falls so he wouldn’t discover Sonny was actually living in the small town. Nina planned to take Jax back home, but he refused her help.

She was even more shocked when Josslyn arrived, and she learned Trina was somewhere in the town searching for a mechanic after their car broke down.

What Else Is Happening On “GH?”

In the promo video for the upcoming episode of “General Hospital,” Carly appears concerned as she and Spinelli listen to something over the phone.

Someone is later heard entering Jason’s hospital room and telling him it is time to go back to Pentonville. “GH” spoilers suggest Carly’s plan may hit a snag.

Carly has been desperate to help Jason escape, and she is ready to put her plan into action. However, Cyrus has been determined to take down Jason, so he can finally have full control of Port Charles. Will Carly’s plan fall apart before she can put it into action?

Elsewhere in the ABC promo video, Trina is seen telling someone she is surprised they would stay in a place like the Tan-O. Nina is later seen telling someone they need to leave.

“General Hospital” spoilers reveal Nina is desperate to protect her new life. While Josslyn is at the hospital with Jax, Trina wanders into the Tan-O and runs into Nina.

While Nina wants others to believe she needs space from Port Charles after Nelle’s death, viewers are aware that she is starting to fall for Sonny, who has lost his memory. Will Nina convince Trina to leave before she runs into Sonny?

Other “GH” spoilers reveal Britt tells Finn she’s spoken to Liz about her status at GH, Ava and Nikolas prepare to host a family dinner, Laura faces off with Cyrus and Jordan faces an unlikely suspect.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. ET on ABC.

General Hospital
Carly (Laura Wright) and Jason (Steve Burton) need to plan their next move on “General Hospital.” The actors are pictured in a scene from an earlier episode. ABC/Todd Wawrychuk