• "Genshin Impact" has a new web event
  • The Slime Paradise allows players to earn Paradise Coins and Paradise Tickets
  • Players can exchange the tickets for rewards like Mora, Primogems and others

The newest web-event in "Genshin Impact," called the Slime Paradise, has started and will be available until Jan. 31. Players have to log in daily, purchase decorations and adore the paradise to reap the rewards.

Here are some important details about the hit gacha game's latest web event:

How to participate in the Slime Paradise event

The new event is only available to players with Adventure Rank level 10 or above. To participate, players should visit the official website of Slime Paradise and log in using their "Genshin Impact" account. Unlike other in-game events, Slime Paradise is just an extra event for the browser, which means players will not miss anything relevant even if they don't participate in the event. But they will get different rewards, including Primogems, if they participate in the fun.

What to do during the web event

"Genshin Impact" players will have to purchase decorations using Paradise Coins and place them in the park to attract slimes. Different decorations attract different kinds of slimes and monsters, who will move in or visit the park. As a result, players receive Paradise Tickets.

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Players can exchange the Paradise Tickets at the Rewards Shop for Mora, Primogems and other rewards. But they should redeem the rewards on time because the Rewards Shop is only available for the same duration as the event. The Paradise Coins is more geared toward daily activities, so players should make sure that they log in every day to get them.

Players should enter the Slime Paradise once daily to get 200 coins. They can earn 300 Paradise Coins by simply logging in to "Genshin Impact" and earn 100 Paradise Coins if they visit the fan art in the Hoyolab Community.

Players can get 400 tickets if they attract four Slimes and have them moved into the park. Purchasing seven park decorations rewards players with 200 Paradise Tickets, while collecting four photos entitles them to 400 tickets.