• A new event is coming to "Genshin Impact" on Saturday
  • Players will have to transact with Liben the Merchant  as part of the Marvelous Merchandise event
  • They can also gain access to the Mega Box O' Marvels

The new week-long event, called Marvelous Merchandise, is set to return to "Genshin Impact" this weekend and it promises more Primogems and Mora for the players. For those wondering about the start time, tasks and rewards of this new in-game event, this guide could come in handy.

Event start time and date

Marvelous Merchandise Event for "Genshin Impact" will start at 10 a.m. server time on Saturday and ends on Jan. 30. The week-long event will bring in something different for players to see, do and collect each day. Players who want to make the most out of it should log in every day and complete the tasks. Lucky players could even earn some bonus Primogems to help them "pull wishes" in the game's character or weapon banner.

What happens during the event

The upcoming event introduces Liben the Merchant as its focal person. He comes to town and hides in Mondstadt, particularly near the church or the Dawn Winery. After locating him, Liben will ask players for several items, which could be anything. If players fulfill his requests, he will reward them with something more valuable.

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Marvelous Merchandise event rewards

Liben the Merchant is in a different location every day and will reward players with his Box O' Marvels. This is a grab bag that contains Primogems, Ascension materials, Enhancement materials and more. All these are essential for "Genshin Impact" players to level up in the game.

The new event will feature an increased level of difficulty. According to the recent "Genshin Impact" 1.3 live stream, players will now be asked to give Liben the Merchant three items per day instead of the usual two. Also, daily rewards are "randomized" in every world, which means players can invade their friend's world to see if they have received better rewards than them.

After transacting with Liben the Merchant for several days, players will gain access to the Mega Box O' Marvels. This has far better rewards than the Box O' Marvels. The contents of the Mega Box O' Marvels is still unknown.