• Ganyu is now live in "Genshin Impact"
  • Players can get the most out of Ganyu by ascending her and her Talents
  • To ascend Ganyu, players need to collect her upgrade items

The character event wish called Adrift in the Harbor is now live in "Genshin Impact" and it features Ganyu, a new playable character. To level her up, players need to start collecting Ganyu's upgrade items as early as now.

What Ganyu's Upgrade Items Are

Like all other playable characters in the game, players need to collect several items to ascend Ganyu and boost her Talents. These upgrade items include different Diligence Talent Books, Crowns of Insight, Shadows of the Warrior, several Nectars, Shiva Jade, Qingxin Flowers and Hoarfrost Cores.

Where To Find These Upgrade Items

The hardest upgrade item to get a hold of is the Shadow of the Warrior. This item is dropped in the Tartaglia fight in the Enter The Golden House Trounce Domain. It is accessible to players at Level 70 and up.

Character Teaser - "Ganyu: A Night in Liyue Harbor" | Genshin Impact
Light-footed, she paces the streets and alleys. She has some secrets regarding Liyue Harbor to share with you at night before the rising of the sun. Genshin Impact Official YouTube Channel

Players can go to the Taishan Mansion Domain to farm all three kinds of Diligence Talent books. The easiest Ganyu upgrade item to collect is the Nectar. Players will need three kinds of Nectar, which are all dropped upon defeating Whopperflowers. While the Nectar is a common item, players will need a lot of it since it is used in ascending Ganyu and her Talents.

Meanwhile, to obtain the Qingxin flowers, players just need to purchase them at the Babu Pharmacy located in Liyue Harbor. Players also need to collect the Shiva Jade and the Hoarfrost Cores to max out Ganyu. The Shiva Jade is available at various souvenir shops in the game. For the Hoarfrost Cores, players must defeat regular Cryo Regisvine enemies to obtain them.

The most challenging Ganyu upgrade item to farm is the Crowns of Insight. This item is randomly dropped from events. For players unable to get the Crowns of Insight from the previous events, they can still collect it if they upgrade their Frostbearing Tree. Players get one starting at Level 11.

"Genshin Impact" is available on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android devices.