• The Hamayumi bow can be found as a reward from opening Takashi's chests at Tatarasuna
  • Players must give Takashi three Mysterious Conches for seven days to unlock the bow's blueprints
  • Hamayumi is a great four-star option for DPS characters like Ganyu and Yoimiya

The much-coveted four-star bow from Inazuma has finally been found in “Genshin Impact,” although the exact details on how to obtain the weapon’s blueprint still seem to be unclear.

The Hamayumi four-star bow is the last weapon that the “Genshin Impact” community discovered after the release of the 2.0 update. While the rest of the weapon blueprints were found relatively early during the first week of release, the bow blueprint was only recently found by one player who posted their discovery on Reddit.

“Genshin Impact” players will need to gather Mysterious Conches for an NPC named Takashi who resides in the northern beach of Tatarasuna. Redditor u/roflol432 said they received the diagram for the Hamayumi bow after giving enough conches to Takashi, but they also said that they weren’t sure if surrendering the conches was the only requirement for the reward.

The main street of Inazuma City in Genshin Impact The main street of Inazuma City in Genshin Impact Photo: Genshin Impact

Takashi’s chest can be opened once per day after giving three Mysterious Conches to the NPC. Open the chest a total of seven times across seven days, and the Hamayumi blueprint should be made available.

However, this might not be the only step toward getting the diagram as the player mentioned that they gave all of the flower seed bags that they received from Takashi’s chest to an NPC named Hanayama Kaoru, who can be found just south of Takashi’s location.

Kaoru will only appear after players complete the Tatara Tales quest, which is another incredibly long quest similar to the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual.

Giving bags of flower seeds to Kaoru will spawn a Common Chest near her location. Other Redditors who commented on roflol432’s post said that this step was not necessary and that opening Kaoru’s chest for seven days did not reward them with the bow diagram.

The Hamayumi bow is designed for characters that rely on their weapon attacks. It buffs Normal and Charged Attack damage by a certain percentage which doubles whenever the wielder reaches 100% Energy.

This bow is particularly effective with characters like Ganyu, Yoimiya and physical damage Fischl as they all rely on Normal or Charged Attacks to deal damage, but only if they have sufficient Energy Recharge or if they can fight casting their Elemental Bursts.