• A new 5-star sword was leaked alongside other Inazuma-related information
  • The new sword revolves around buffing Elemental DMG
  • The sword shares the same design with another leaked weapon

The plethora of leaks unleashed by “Genshin Impact’s” reputable leakers and data miners revealed a lot of interesting new content set for the Inazuma update, which should be coming relatively soon. A new set of Inazuma-themed weapons was discovered along with the rest of the secrets that might excite fans of Elemental DMG builds.

The recent buff to Electro, Swirl and Elemental Mastery is a good sign for players who enjoy combining the elements. The good news doesn’t stop here, however, as Elemental DMG may soon get an even bigger-yet-indirect buff once Inazuma arrives thanks to a potentially new weapon set uncovered by Genshin Intel.

A 5-star sword called the “Mist-Cutting Gleam” will presumably be added to the game in a future patch. This ornate purple sword bears the Electro sigil at the base of the blade, which may imply that it belongs to the Raiden Shogun herself.

The sword provides Crit DMG% as its substat and a decent Base ATK of 48 at Lvl. 1. What’s more interesting is that it passively grants an Elemental DMG% bonus and an active component that boosts this value even more.

Allegedly, “Mist-Cutting Gleam” is able to build up stacks of “Mist-Cutting Tomoemon” that increases the Elemental DMG% bonus of its wielder on a per-stack basis. Users will gain Tomoemon stacks every time they inflict Elemental DMG with infused Normal Attacks and Elemental Burst abilities. Stacks gained from the former will last for five seconds while those gained from the latter will last for 10 seconds, and each stack will exist independently of each other.

This weapon can be an excellent option for someone like Keqing, since she can infuse her Normal Attacks with Electro on-demand, and her Burst is relatively spammable.

Additionally, there is a leaked image of a bow that bears the same aesthetic as the sword. It can be viewed in the Honey Hunter World website, but no information about its stats is present. However, judging by the design and the Crit DMG% substat, it might fall under the same weapon set as “Mist-Cutting Gleam,” similar to the “Song of Broken Pines” claymore and the new “Freedom Sworn” sword.

Eula, the Spindrift Knight in Genshin Impact Eula, the Spindrift Knight in Genshin Impact Photo: MiHoYo