George Harrison’s Aston Martin Sells at Coys For $547400
A 1964 Aston Martin belonging to English musician and actor, George Harrison was sold at an auction for half a million after “intense bidding” both in the room and via telephone bidding. Coys/handout

A 1964 Aston Martin belonging to English musician and actor George Harrison was sold for $547400 after intense bidding at an auction.

The DB5/1896/R was first supplied Jan. 1, 1965, through Brydor Cars of Brooklands in Surrey to the famous Beatle and generated huge interest when it was put up for sale at the Coya True Greats Auction held at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster.

The auction house mentioned that the purchaser was an anonymous Beatles and Aston Martin fan from the city of Texas.

Recently, model and photographer Patti Boyd, who was married to George Harrison when he owned the DB5, was reunited with the car when it was showcased at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London.

Other lots included in the sale were a Cord 810 Phaeton owned by Jimmy Page and Duncan Bannatyne which sold for £80,000 and a Mercedes Benz 300 SL Roadster were auctioned for £343,000.

Apart from this, a Mercedes Benz 540 K formerly owned by Bernie Ecclestone was another highlight of the auction which was sold for £864,000, well over the estimated value of £500,000.