George Huguely's murder trial began Wednesday in Charlottesville, Va., with opening statements. Huguely, 24, a former University of Virginia lacrosse player, is accused of beating his girlfriend, Yeardley Love, to death. George Huguely faces first degree murder, along with other charges.

A volatile couple, frequent fighting and betrayal, are the images that the attorney's are painting during the opening statements.

Francis McQ. Lawrence, defense attorney for Huguely, told the jury that Love's death was not planned by his client. Involuntary manslaughter could and should be only thought at this time, said Lawrence in the opening statement while trying to reinforce that Huguely had no intent to kill Love. He's not complicated, said Lawrence,He's not complex. He's a lacrosse player.

Prosecutor Warner D. Chapman countered, taking an hour to lay out Love and Huguely's relationship that would later lead to her death. Just days before Yeardley Love's fatal beating, George Huguely sent her an email stating, I should have killed you. Chapmen used the email to show the jury that Huguely was angry with Love because she had slept with someone else.

On May 2, 2010, the night of Yeardley Love's murder, George Huguely had reportedly kicked though her bedroom door, and then proceeded to shake and bang her head against a door. Huguely then left, taking Love's computer with him. When her roommate and police found Love, she was dead, face-down in her blood, and covered in scrapes and bruises. Police also said that her right eye was swollen shut.

Lawrence said that upon being question by police, George Huguely was shocked, believing that when he left Love's apartment she just had a nose bleed. She is not dead. I didn't. I didn't, Huguely had said to the police. I didn't...I never did anything that could do that to her. I refuse to believe she is dead because nothing that happened last night could've killed her.

As for taking the computer, Huguely's attorney claims that he took it so that she would have to see him to get it back. Upon leaving her apartment, he disposed of the computer in a dumpster.

Lawrence focused on George Huguely and Yeardley Love's drama filled relationship, claiming that both college students were cheating on each other, said the Baltimore Sun. Huguely's email was a result of learning that Love had allegedly slept with another man. But the lawyer also painted a picture of love expressing similar behavior. In April, Love allegedly attacked Huguely with her purse upon finding out he had been texting another girl.

Prosecuter Chapman kept the jury focused on Huguely's behavior, particularly with the email stating, I should have killed you. Love had wrote back, You should've killed me? In which George Huguely responded, We should talk tonight.

Chapman continued his opening statement by describing Yeardley Love's death, which brought tears to Love's mother and sister. According to ABC, Chapman explained to the jury that Love was so badly injured that the medical examiner had to dissect her brain to discover cause of death. Yeardley Love's cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma to the head, said ABC.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Lawrence is trying to have the jury picture her cause of death differently. At the time of her death, Love had a blood alcohol content of 0.14. Lawrence has insinuated to the jury that alcohol combined with her Adderall prescription could have contributed to her death.

Alcohol is also a key role for Chapman. [Huguely] had been drinking virtually nonstop since early that Sunday morning, said Chapman, suggesting to the jury that Huguely went to see Love in a drunken rage.

According to the Baltimore Sun, George Huguely's lawyer had a different version of events to tell the jury.