Breaking news: President George W. Bush is among the legions of Prince Harry fans. During an interview with People magazine, Bush praised the royal for his hard work and dedication toward veterans — a topic the former president is also passionate about.

“Actually, he was [Prince Charming],” Bush said. “I wasn’t sure what to expect, he probably wasn’t sure what to expect from me either. He is a charming person and he cares deeply about the vets. I was very impressed by him.”

Bush and the prince met back in 2016 during the Invictus Games, a Paralympic-style sporting event Harry created in which injured and sick armed service members and veterans go head-to-head in various games including wheelchair basketball, indoor rowing and sitting volleyball.

Bush, who recently released his first book of paintings, “Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors,” containing portraits of service members and veterans, also said he’d be interested in helping Harry continue the Invictus Games.

“What he’s done with the Invictus Games is really good,” Bush said. “As a matter of fact, I’m going down to the Invictus training camp next week to say hello to our team and to some of the members I already know and tell them we want to help them.”

The former president isn’t the only Bush who’s a fan of Prince Harry. Bush’s daughter, Jenna Bush Hager, is also fond of the prince. She even offered to set the 32-year-old royal up with her twin sister, Barbara Bush, 35, back in 2016.

During the 2016 Invictus Games, Prince Harry stopped by the “Today Show” for an interview, during which Bush Hager offered to give him her sister’s number after Harry pointed out he didn’t have “a girlfriend at the moment.”

“I have a single sister and she feels the same way. Listen, she’s available,” Bush Hager said.