Model Georgia Eden was kicked out of a British beauty pageant after organizers found racy photos the blonde model posted online for breast cancer awareness.

Miss Oxfordshire, a regional competition within the Miss England pageant, organizers said 22-year-old Eden’s photo—in which she poses topless but covering her breasts—was against the rules.

According to the Oxford Mail, Eden said the images were taken and posted before she entered Miss Oxfordshire on April 1, adding the image included hashtags #coppafeel, a campaign fundraising for the condition, and #breastcancerawareness.

The model said she chose to post the topless photos after losing a close friend to breast cancer last year. She said she also posted the images after being asked by her London modelling agency, Mode.

But last week, Eden was informed via an email from organizer Beverley O’Neill that her pictures proved she was “not suitable” to enter the pageant, which was held on Friday.

“It has been brought to the attention of Miss England that you have previously posted semi-naked photographs on social media. This contravenes rule 3, do not bring the Miss England contest or its sponsors into disrepute,” the email read. “As a result I regret to inform you that we will be unable to accept your further participation in the event.”

O’Neill also told the Oxford Mail that Eden “has got her boobies all over the place.”

“She is all over social media with these pictures of herself...It is worlds apart from our contest,” O’Neill said. “The Miss England representative has to be someone of a certain caliber and she is not suitable.”

Eden, however, is offended by “accusation against my character.”

“I feel demeaned. I have been made to feel cheap. The photo is implied topless – there are no nipples on show,” she said. “This is my career, I wouldn’t have posed the photo if I thought there was anything wrong with it. I have never ever posted a topless image. I have never even gone topless on a beach.”

On Saturday, the model posted newspaper covers of her story on Twitter, asking: “What do you reckon girls? Should I have been disqualified for this #breastcancerawareness pic?!”