• Catlin Boswell was arrested on charges of murder and aggravated assault
  • Catlin's father, John Boswell was found dead with stab wounds
  • The suspect is currently held without bond at the Forsyth County Jail

A Georgia man has been arrested for fatally stabbing his father and attempting to kill his mother, police said.

The deputies from Forsyth County arrested the suspect, Catlin Boswell, 36, on charges of murder and aggravated assault after he allegedly stabbed his father, identified as 65-year-old John Boswell, and his unidentified mother Sunday, 11 Alive reported.

Forsyth County officers were called to a home off Cambria Court on the report of a stabbing. The deputies arrived to find John dead and Catlin's mother grievously injured with stab wounds.

Catlin ran away from the scene before the cops arrived. The woman was transported to a hospital where she is listed in critical condition, the sheriff's office said.

Detectives then traced the vehicle the suspect was driving and determined that he was traveling near Whitfield County, WSB-TV reported. He was later taken into custody by the joint effort of the Dalton Police Department and the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office.

The suspect was held without bond at the Forsyth County Jail, records said.

"Violent crimes like this are still shocking in Forsyth, the fact that a son could take the life of his own father and try to do the same of his mother is beyond comprehension. The ability to take this offender into custody in less than two hours was a direct result of incredible work by our Uniform Patrol Division and the talented work of our Major Crimes and Crime Scene units," Sheriff Ron Freeman said.

"Without the professional and rapid work by our 911 center colleagues and the Forsyth Fire and EMS, we could be dealing with another victim lost and the suspect still being on the run. Kudos to the teamwork displayed... My sincere thanks to the Dalton Police Department and the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office for helping us take this dangerous offender off the streets. Our victim support services are engaging the family to assist wherever we can," Freeman added.

In a similar incident last month, a 54-year-old man killed his mother in Florida, claiming he was "possessed by demons." The suspect, identified as John Calhoun Tucker III from Miami confessed to the murder, reports said.

Police car and police line
Representation. A police car at a crime scene. Alexei_other/Pixabay