• America's Girl Scouts are stepping up by donating boxes of cookies to hospitals, clinics, food banks, and needy families. 
  • The organization is also working to help lessen the impact of the current mask shortage by sewing their own homemade masks and delivering them to pharmacies and hospitals. 
  • Girl Scouts can win a Bronze Award for junior members sewing their own masks for donation during the pandemic. 

America's Girl Scouts may have ceased in-person activities and events for its members and the communities they hail from, but that doesn't mean the've stopped looking for ways to help others. 

During the novel coronavirus pandemic currently affecting individuals around the globe, the Girl Scouts have stepped up in a big way, offering support and assistance. You won't see them selling boxes of their iconic cookies around the neighborhood or organizing get-togethers anytime soon, but their influence will certainly be felt in a number of absolutely delicious ways. 

The Girl Scouts have made it possible for customers to now purchase a box (or five – they're addictive) of their favorite cookies online without ever having to leave their homes. But more importantly, there's now an option to donate cookies via the same online portal to those in need. Right now, one out of every 10 packages of cookies purchased were being donated, according to Girl Scouts spokesperson Valerie Geiss in an interview with CNN

The Girl Scouts themselves were donating cookies of their own accord as well, to local hospitals, food banks, clinics, and members of the community. Some 60,000 boxes of cookies were donated in New York City from the Girl Scouts of Greater New York council alone. After being donated, they've been distributed to health care workers and their families by way of NYC Health + Hospitals.  

But it's not all about providing people with sweet treats and pick-me-ups. The Girl Scouts have been engaged in other important work as well. For instance, they've taken it upon themselves to help fight the current shortage of masks throughout the country. Girl Scouts are sewing and delivering sets of homemade masks while working toward Bronze Awards for juniors participating in the challenge. 

Troops have completed thousands of masks and were ensuring they reach health care facilities and pharmacies to then be distributed to those who need them.