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HBO's "Girls" Season 4 premiere will show Hannah (Lena Dunham) saying goodbye to Adam (Adam Driver) before she heads to Iowa. HBO

Lena Dunham and friends got some good news just before “Girls” Season 4 premieres: HBO has renewed the show for Season 5, Deadline reports. The announcement was made at a “Girls” premiere event in New York. However, before we can think about next season, we need to worry about “Girls” Season 4 first. The premiere synopsis has been released, and it sounds like some of the girls are in for big changes.

Hannah (Dunham) is actually going to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, which should take her out of New York for a while. “Hannah has one last dinner in New York,” the synopsis teases. She’ll eat with her parents and her boyfriend, Adam (Adam Driver), but will she question her decision? It’s hard to picture Hannah living in Iowa, and the synopsis doesn’t mention anything about her actually sticking with the program.

Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) found a way to graduate despite a mix-up last season. When she went to pick up her cap and gown with her friends, she discovered she was a few credits short required for graduation. It looks like she solved that issue, but she won’t love the postgrad life. She’ll become “annoyed by her parents after getting her diploma.”

Marnie (Allison Williams) will continue her music career with Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), but they aren’t finding stardom right away. They aren’t even finding many people who like their music. They’ll “play a jazz-brunch gig for a tough crowd at a downtown restaurant,” the synopsis states.

Jessa (Jemima Kirke) will be dealing with the aftermath of the “Girls” Season 3 finale. Beedie (Louise Lasser) said she was ready to die, so Jessa helped the older woman take pills to commit suicide. However, Beedie suddenly realized she wanted to live and had Jessa call 911. Jessa still seems to be involved in Beedie’s life after the suicide attempt. She “clashes with Beedie's daughter over her caretaker status,” according to the synopsis. It seems Jessa actually cares about the old woman.

Watch the promo for the HBO’s “Girls” Season 4, episode 1 below:

Do you think Hannah will stick with the writing program? Sound off in the comments section below! “Girls” Season 4 premieres on HBO on Sunday, Jan. 11, at 9 p.m. EST.