• The producers had plans for "God Friended Me" Season 3
  • Jaya was supposed to be pregnant on the show
  • Ali's surgery was supposed to make her join the seminary

Jaya’s (Shazi Raja) pregnancy and its effect on the others was one of the stories the producers planned for “God Friended Me” Season 3. The producers of the show talked about the events in the TV series and how they planned for the future before the show got cancelled.

In an interview with TV Insider, executive producer Steven Lilien revealed that they had a version of the story for Season 2 that would have set up the plot of Season 3. However, they had to make changes after learning that the show would be cancelled. The changes, however, didn’t alter the “spirit” the producers were aiming for.

One particular storyline that Lilien and his team were interested in for Season 3 was of Jaya. The producer called Raja a “terrific actress” and he revealed that Jaya was introduced on the show with the intention of creating new stories in the future. The plan was to continue the character’s love story and focus on her family life.

Executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt revealed that they previously discussed how “God Friended Me” Season 3 was going to be about the characters finding out about Jaya becoming pregnant. The producers also made some plans for some “fun stuff” for the character and her partner.

The show would have used the same formula of bring back characters and showing how Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) changed their lives. The story was then supposed to shift to how these characters pay it forward.

The other character that the producers had plans for was Ali (Javicia Leslie). In an interview with Deadline, Lilien said they wanted Ali to follow in her father’s footsteps and join the seminary. Ali undergoing surgery marks the end of her journey, but the producers wanted to continue by exploring how the event changed her.

The TV series ended on a strong note. According to TV Line, the finale had an audience of a whopping 6.4 million and a rating that is its best since Jan. 12. It remains to be seen if these numbers will help change studio executives’ mind and the producers get a renewal for “God Friended Me” Season 3.

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Brandon Micheal Hall as Miles Finer and Violett Beane as Cara Bloom in CBS’ “God Friended Me.” Barbara Nitke / Warner Bros