• "God of War 5" was officially announced in September
  • The game has no official name yet
  • A recent comment from Jim Ryan drew speculations about the game's release platform

Sony officially announced “God of War 5” in September, and while it did not explicitly say that the game would be a PS5 console-exclusive, fans assumed it could be, based on previous titles in the series.

A recent interview in Telegraph with Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan seemingly gives hope to fans of “God of War 5” currently using PlayStation 4 consoles. When Ryan was asked if the upcoming “God of War” title is going to be exclusive, he answered, "Sorry. I've got nothing to say about that today." Several sites took his answer, or refusal to answer, as an indication that the gaming giant is probably considering bringing the game to PlayStation 4.

If this assumption proves correct, it will align with the company’s earlier claim that it intends to support the PlayStation 4 until 2022. Sony releases big exclusive titles as cross-gen games instead of releasing them as PS5 exclusives. This move also ensures that PS4 players could still enjoy the company’s major releases -- great news with the PS5 stock shortages.

God of War
New Game+ mode for God of War will feature a harder difficulty. Sony

Releasing “God of War 5” as a cross-gen title could also mean it would not be able to take advantage of the full next-generation technology that the PS5 features. However, if “God of War 5” ends up releasing as a cross-gen title, it is possible that the PS5 release would be the definitive version that would allow players to experience the game uniquely. As Sony Interactive Entertainment’s president said, it is still too early to say which path “God of War 5” would follow.

Sony has not yet revealed the official name of “God of War 5,” but speculations and predictions all point that it could release as “God of War: Ragnarok.” After the first tease, one theory surfaced suggested that the game would be a sequel to “God of War.” Sony has not yet confirmed the details, so at this point, nothing is official aside from the fact that a new “God of War” game is in development.

Meanwhile, check out the official trailer of “God of War 5.”