In the recent years, a profusion of environmentally conscious ideas have surfaced. From biofuel and solar panels, to Japanese wind lenses, an extensive range of products and ideas have emerged in a time when society fears the repercussions of too much carbon emission. While engineers and politicians are working on a way to decrease civilizations carbon footprint, individuals are taking the reins by backing environmentally conscious companies and products.

The latest additions to this growing trend are the Fire Hose Accessories by designers Elvis & Kresse, found at

After salvaging reclaimed fire hoses, the duo creates one of a kind wash bags, key rings and cufflinks, using nothing but a little water to scrub them clean. After an extensive washing, the leather is nipped and tucked into a final product.

Each item is not only unique in that it's made from retired fire hose; but also, each bag has lettering and numbers which designate the origin of the hose.

Adding to the chic allure, the bags are lined with military-grade parachute silk. Being that a fire hose is made to be durable, it can be assumed (but not guaranteed) that the bag will stand the test of time. I think it goes without saying that this bag is waterproof.

Aside from these nifty bags, the designers have created other products as well, including key rings and cufflinks. The key rings are outright practical and would make for a great gift. The cufflinks are stylish, yet funky, and are truly one of a kind.

To make an already inventive product even cleverer, the company ships key rings and cufflinks in envelopes made of waste tea sack or scrap sail cloth. Also, all shipping boxes have been used before. The product labels are printed on end-of-line labels on old shoe boxes, and the attached string is a strand from an old coffee sack.

Right when you think the company can't get much cooler, 50 percent of profits are donated back to the Fire Fighters Charity.

To learn more about this product you can visit where they sell Elvis & Kresse products, as well as many other innovative designs.

You can also visit Elvis & Kress to find out more about the company.