Letty sure made a mess of things in the last episode of “Good Behavior.” Overwhelmed with sadness because she may lose custody of Jacob, Letty got drunk and slept with Sean. When Javier finds out, he leaves her, prompting Letty to give his contract killer handle to the FBI.

In Season 1, episode 10 of the TNT series, titled “All the Things,” Letty (Michelle Dockery) will attempt to fix the mayhem she has caused. However, this time around there is more at stake as her selfish ways could put Javier (Juan Diego Botto) in jeopardy.

“Letty makes a devastating choice and once again has to clean up her own mess. But this time it’s to save Javier,” the synopsis teases. In the promo for the upcoming episode, a concerned Letty asks Christian (Terry Kinney) if the FBI has contacted Javier yet. Letty attempts to convince Javier not to go through with another contract kill suggesting that the intended victim may not deserve to die.

When Javier fights with Letty in order to follow through with the kill she begs him to let her tell him something, but before it can be revealed, the scene cuts to Javier putting his hands up as if he is about to be taken into police custody.

Will Letty be able to correct her mistakes in the season finale before Javier is caught by the FBI? There’s only a week left until viewers will find out how it all ends.

“Good Behavior” Season 1, episode 10, “All the Things,” airs Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 9 p.m. EST on TNT.