Good Wife canceled
"The Good Wife," starring Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, is coming to an end, but the drama isn't over yet. CBS

“The Good Wife” was preempted Sunday due to the Super Bowl, but there was still major drama for fans. A commercial announced that Season 7 would be the final stretch for the CBS procedural.

“Being a part of ‘The Good Wife’ has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career,” Julianna Margulies, who stars as Alicia Florrick, said in a press release. “As an actress and a producer, it has been an absolute honor to be a part of a series that, throughout seven years, never settled on being just good… but always strived to be extraordinary.” But the drama isn’t over yet. We know a few things about the last nine episodes.

Alicia’s professional life will take a turn when she returns to her old law firm in episode 14. “Alicia has trouble adjusting when she returns to work at Lockhart, Agos & Lee with Lucca,” the synopsis reveals. “Their first case, involving a secret new computer tablet, causes a rift within the firm.” She’ll have to adjust quickly, though. In episode 15, she’ll be on “a secret panel of attorneys advising the U.S. government on a controversial case.”

Her home life won’t be much more relaxing. Alicia will be stressed when Grace (Makenzie Vega) runs into a problem with her college applications. “A March episode finds Grace and Alicia meeting with a counselor at a prospective college who is eager to discuss a problem with her admission. Hmm…. Grace did mention needing to bring up her grades a few weeks back,” TVLine reports.

There aren't many details about the final episode yet. However, in a series of tweets from the “Good Wife” writers’ Twitter showrunners Robert and Michelle King revealed that the series finale will be titled, “End.”

Beyond that, there aren't many details known about the final episodes. Yet viewers can be rest assured that there will not be any heartbreaking cliffhangers in the final episode. “The Good Wife” showrunners planned to step down from the series this year, and their departure sparked rumors that the show might end. The couple previously expressed that even if CBS chose to continue the drama, they were writing a conclusion in the Season 7 finale.

“The storytelling we have will finish in the seventh year,” Robert King told TVLine last month. “That doesn’t mean we’re putting Alicia in her grave, because you couldn’t do an eighth season after that. But to our minds, we have always written with the idea we could end this season a certain way so that it would make it a satisfactory [conclusion to the] series.”

“The Good Wife” Season 7, the final season, airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.