good witch 502 clip
The Season 5 premiere of Catherine Bell and James Denton’s “Good Witch” continues Monday night. Crown Media / Shane Mahood

The Season 5 premiere of Hallmark Channel’s “Good Witch” continues with part two airing Monday night!

Episode 2 of the season, titled “The Forever Tree: Part 2,” sees Cassie (Catherine Bell) and Sam’s (James Denton) long-awaited wedding day finally arriving, but before the ceremony, Grace (Bailee Madison) shares her concerns about the marriage with her mom, revealing in International Business Times’ exclusive clip (watch above) that her late father’s been on her mind a great deal recently.

“I’ve been thinking about dad a lot lately,” Grace tells her mom in IBT’s “Good Witch” exclusive sneak peek. “And it just sort of hit me that you’re about to be married to someone that isn’t him.”

Clearly, Grace not only needs to get this off her chest because she needs someone to talk to, but also because something bad related to the wedding happens and Grace wants to make sure her mom doesn’t think she did it on purpose.

“Look, I didn’t mean for it to happen,” Grace explains. “Mom, I didn’t. I just think that all of this negative energy that I’ve been putting out has affected the wedding.”

Cassie calms her daughter’s worries and ensures her that she hasn’t done anything wrong, that, instead, she’s done the exact opposite.

“Honey, thinking about your dad is the very opposite of negative,” Cassie says. “It’s about the most wonderful thing you could do. Believe me, you are not causing anything bad to happen.”

With that settled, will Cassie and Sam finally be able to walk down the aisle, and with Grace’s blessings? Goodies will have to wait until tonight to find out, but until then, keep reading to learn what else is to come in the episode.

“As Middleton prepares for the most enchanting event of the season, Sam receives some magical help from Grace in finding the Forever Tree,” the synopsis shares. “However, the wedding brings up complex emotions for Grace, who becomes nostalgic for her late father, while Cassie worries her foster brother will let her down and miss the nuptials.”

The synopsis continues: “Abigail (Sarah Power) steps up into her mayor duties and makes a surprising ally, while Martha (Catherine Disher) finds a new passion for television. Meanwhile, Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) takes a step toward finding his future calling, and Stephanie (Kylee Evans) faces an unexpected reaction when she confesses her feelings for the hospital’s chaplain.”

See part two of the “Good Witch” Season 5 premiere (episode 2) on Monday on Hallmark Channel at 8 p.m. EDT.