It was just last week that Google introduced Allo, a new smart messaging app for iOS and Android, that helps you do more. According to the Google Play Store, Allo has already surpassed 5 million downloads.

Just this past week, Google’s Allo messaging app hit #1 on the Google Play Store, but since then has dropped to #8 on Google Play’s free app charts.

Google Allo’s biggest feature is Google Assistant, which can suggest new restaurants nearby, movies to check out, or find funny movies to share with your friends and family. You can also get navigation instructions, weather updates, and save things to do on your iPhone or Android device.

Google also made it easier for you to express yourself in Google Allo. You can make your own emojis, make text larger and scribble on photos before you send them to your friends and family members. Google has collaborated with artists from around the world to create sticker packs to make things more fun.

Google says, “you can also message friends who aren’t yet using Google Allo through SMS or, for those Android, app preview messages.

Its sibling, Google Duo hit #1 in the Google Play Store just two days after its initial rollout, and nine days later accumulated five million downloads. While Allo hasn’t been out as long as Duo, its rankings don’t look too bad.

At this time, you’re not able to make reservations with Allo yet, but Google is considering adding third-party integrations such as OpenTable for dinner and Airbnb for accommodations. Google Assistant can also give you the latest news and sports score. When you ask for directions Google Maps will show up.

You can download Google Allo from the Google Play Store here.