Google April Fools' Day 2016
Google has rolled out its lineup of April Fools’ Day 2016 pranks. Getty Images

April Fools’ Day 2016 is upon us, which means Google has a few pranks to roll out across its various platforms. Last year, Google Maps became a giant Pac-Man game then there were the times it launched Google Nose and Gmail Blue. For 2016, its attempts at good humor were mostly well recieved except for the newly implemented Mic Drop feature on Gmail. From Google Cardboard Plastic to SnoopaVision to Google Maps Disco, here’s what Google launched Friday.

YouTube SnoopaVision

A great YouTube video is always made better with a friend, which is why SnoopaVision is great for YouTube. The YouTube April Fools’ Day 2016 prank combines 360-degree videos and Snoop Dogg for a “Mystery Science Theater 3000” experience. Users can watch Snoop Dogg provide commentary on a host of videos from the “Double Rainbow Song” to “Webcam 101 for Seniors.”

Google Cardboard Plastic

It’s Google Cardboard, but now in a hard plastic shell. Many have already made the witty observation that the piece of useless plastic is basically Google Glass. While virtual reality may be all the rage in 2016, Google wants to bring the reality back to reality with Google Cardboard Plastic.

Google Maps Goes Disco

There’s a funky version of Google Maps available for April Fools’ Day. Pegman now has a fancy disco outfit when users visit him in Street View. There’s also a special treat within the Google Maps app where Pegman shows off his sweet dance moves.

Google Photo Emoji Search

Emojis have revolutionized how people communicate so it only makes sense to use these icons to search for other photos. The new feature uses the same recognition technology Google uses to identify photos, but instead of words users can use emojis.

Google Smart Reply With Emoji

Google’s making it even easier to respond to texts with Smart Reply with emoji. Predictive emoji responses are something that could be a future feature, which could be great or scary depending on one’s age.

Google realBooks

eBooks are a thing, but people still like buying books. Google decided to make realBooks, an android device for one singular eBook. It’s a digital book perfect for putting on a bookshelf.

Self-Driving Bikes In The Netherlands

Google self-driving bikes remove all the physical elements of actually riding a bicycle. That means the bike drives itself and uses Google Maps and a GPS to take you to your next destination. Without having to worry about where to go, a person can be more productive.

Google Japan ‘Flick’ Input

Touchscreens have eliminated some of the joy of a tactile response when using a keyboard or, go even further back in time, a typewriter. The “Flick” input lets users type out messages on an upgraded keyboard that combines the best of the digital and physical words.

Google Searchable Socks

Every person has a few stray socks around the house. With Google Search for your socks, mismatched pairs could be a thing of the past in Australia.

Google X Moonshot

Google hired Richard Hendricks, he of Pied Piper fame from the HBO sitcom “Silicon Valley,” for their biggest moonshot yet. Hendricks is trying to use his expertise in compression to cut down the time it takes to talk and listen. From conversations to cows, it’s a world dominated by compression.