• Google Chrome update on iOS and iPadOS brings three new widgets to home screens
  • The three new widgets provide easier access to frequently used Google features
  • ​Users may manually add the widgets on their Chrome-updated iOS and iPadOS devices

Google Chrome released an update on iOS and iPadOS that provides iPhone and iPad users easy access to new widgets and features.

Google rolled out the Google Chrome update version 90.0.4430.78 on Monday. The first set of Google Chrome home screen widgets was introduced to iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 in September 2020.

Chrome added three new widgets to the iPhone and iPad bespoke home screen widgets: the Quick Actions, Search, and Chrome Dino Games. They all come in two available sizes to choose from.

iPhone and iPad users may opt for a square-shaped widget with the size corresponding to four icons. They may also go for the rectangular shape occupying eight-icon spaces, according to Tech Gaming Report.

In order to enjoy the three newly added widgets with new features on their iOS and iPadOS devices, Apple customers should install the latest Google Chrome update on their iPhones or iPads.

The three new widgets will not automatically appear so the user will have to put them on the home screens through a few simple steps.

First, press the home key for up to three seconds or until the icons start to wiggle. Tap the Edit Home Screen option.

On the upper left corner of the screen, tap “+” to open the widget gallery. Scroll downward and select Google Chrome shortcuts. Select the desired widget to be added to the home screen and choose the preferred size for each.

Adding the widget may be done by dragging and dropping them to the Home Screen. The iPhone or iPad holder may also press the Add Widget option found at the bottom of the screen and choose a place in the Home Screen to move them to.

The Quick Action widget provides iPhone and iPad users with easy access to some commonly used Google Chrome functions. It brings voice search, incognito mode, search bar, and QR code scanner to the Home Screen.

The Search widget provides direct access to almost similar features like Quick Action. It is a smaller scale widget with a direct search bar for internet browsing.

Chrome Dino is a widget that leads iPhone and iPad users to the world of digital dinosaurs such as cacti and pterodactyls.

Google Chrome A fake version of Adblock Plus has been downloaded 37,000 times from the Google Chrome Web Store. Photo: geralt/Pixabay