Google+ has triggered a response from Facebook as the two tech companies go head to head with the release of Google+. The social network war of 2011 has begun as Google will look to power its momentum with possible integrations of Zynga games, Hulu TV shows, Groupon-like deal coupons, and music through the cloud. These are some of the things we would love to see on Google's latest project and it is quite possible it may happen.

The online search giant has already made strides of progress including their plan to mobilize its project with an iOS app. The app for iOS is currently pending approval from Apple. Features to expect from the new iOS app are Huddle, Instant Uploads, and Push notifications. Google Plus integrated other services such as enhanced photo tagging system that is connected to Picasa, or now named 'Photos,' and an Android app already in the Market.

Amidst the latest progress, we have listed some features that users would love to see on Google+. Click START to see the wish list of top 5 features.