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Google+ is only testing with a small number of people. Want to get invited and join the circle? So do we. And Richi Jennings of Computerworld has offered a solution.

In order to secure your Google+ invite, simply do both these things:

First, share the love with your friends. Click the Tweet or Facebook share buttons of this article.

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Second, e-mail Richi Jennings at and include your Twitter or Facebook username in the text. Feel free to also say hi!

Important: Jennings is able to send a limited number of invitations each day, so hurry: it's first come, first served.

Here is a note from him:

Those unlucky not to be able to be invited today will be invited the next day, so you won't lose out. I'll make reasonable efforts to invite people in order. Your details will be protected per the standard Computerworld privacy policy. Not responsible for non-receipt of email. Your mileage may vary. May contain nuts.


Since its debut, Google+ has drawn both positive and negative reviews.

I have a strong desire to keep using Google+, wrote TechCrunch's MG Siegler. [It] is easily already the most compelling social project Google has ever done.

Overall, I'm impressed by Google+ after day one, he wrote. Of course, like many, I also had fairly low expectations of anything Google tried to do in the social sphere after Wave and Buzz..Still, I used Google+ for hours and kept coming back. And I have a desire to come back tomorrow. That's never a bad thing.

Om Malik at GigaOM thinks Google+ is not a threat to Facebook, but could be a potential danger to other messaging and communication services. He said the Hangout video chat function, which can support up to 10 people, could devastate Skype. I personally think Skype video can easily be brought to its knees by Google Plus's Hangout, he wrote. And even if Google+ fails, Google could easily make Hangout part of the Google office offering.

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Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land doesn't like the name: Google+? Google+! I can't even question or exclaim about the bad name without it looking bad in writing, he writes. Seriously, I'm cursing whoever made the final decision to go with Google+ as a name. Wasn't the Google +1 sharing service bad enough?

Dave Winer of Scripting News wrote a blog post entitled Google Yawn, which claims Google+ makes his eyes glaze over with boredom.

The thing that makes Facebook great is that it incubated in the market with real users, Winer wrote. It was made by real users. It was formed by actual use. One day at a time, one feature at a time, in public, every home run visible, and every mis-step.

The BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones wrote: As for me, I've enjoyed the couple of hours I've spent on this new network-but I'm not convinced I will be spending a lot more time there until I can be sure of finding the same stream of news, gossip, fun and trivia that I now experience on Facebook and Twitter.

Loving it or skeptical, it takes time for results to roll out. The network effect is every social networking site's life blood. Google+ will succeed only when it can attract the same amount of users as Facebook and Twitter.

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