Google has introduced new flight search engine, based on the ITA Software. The flight data provider will let users search for airline flights and fares.

After Google's acquisition of the software for $700 million earlier this year, Google was expected to launch a travel search product against Microsoft Bing, Kayak and Orbitz.

The search engine is designed to work extremely fast to provide the frequent modifications and the details related to the flight elements that the travels need while shopping around for a plane ticket.

Airlines control how their flights are marketed, so as with other flight search providers, our booking links point to airline websites only. We're working to create additional opportunities for our other partners in the travel industry to participate as well, Kourosh Gharachorloo, engineering director, posted on the Google blog.

Google says that primarily the flights are chosen on the basis of cost and the travel time. Google sets the filters for price and flight duration that it finds reasonable, though users may adjust the filter to see more flights.

Travel technology analyst Norm Rose predicts that this will fundamentally change the customer experience.

This is only the beginning of the transformation of general search into travel search that will save the consumer steps in the travel planning process, said Norm Rose.

For now, Google only displays flight results for limited number of U.S. cities and round-tip economy-class flights but it will soon broaden its sphere.

Unlike other online travel shopping sites, Google only shows the result of the participating flights. However, the company hinted that it will display flights from other online travel agencies in the future.

Being a giant in the search sphere, Google could capture huge market share in the travel search, making it difficult for competitors like Kayak, Expedia and others.