• Google Maps will have a new feature that will help users share their location easier
  • The new feature involves using Plus Codes
  • The feature will arrive within the coming weeks

Google Maps is a very helpful tool for those who go places, particularly unfamiliar locations. Now, the popular mapping app will help people know the exact location of places anywhere in the world – even if that place doesn't have an exact address.

Google announced that it is adding Plus Codes to Google Maps. This feature will help any person share their location with anyone in the world, even if the location is remote or doesn't have any street name at all. The mapping service will do this using Plus Codes.

What are Plus Codes?

As per Google, Plus Codes are “easy to use digital addresses derived from latitude and longitude coordinates.” Plus Codes were launched years ago to help identify any location across the globe. Now, Google wants users to be able to harness the convenience of Plus Codes so they can share their location with others.

Plus Codes do not look like usual addresses (like “1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA” which is Google's address). Instead, these look like simple alphanumeric codes combined with a locality (like “FWM8+V9, Ibadan, Nigeria”).

Plus Codes
Plus Codes as shown on Google Maps. (Screenshot taken from a GIF on Google's announcement page) Google

How it works

As seen in an animation in Google's announcement blog, users will simply need to launch Google Maps, look for the familiar blue dot representing their current location, tap on that blue dot, then see the description at the top of the screen in the next page.

The description will include a Plus Code that looks like the one mentioned above. Users will then be shown several options on what they want to do next:

  • See nearby places
  • Share your location
  • Save your parking
  • Calibrate with Live View

Tapping on “Share your location” will allow users to share their Plus Code with others.

Users can also determine a certain location's Plus Code by tapping and holding the map to drop a pin at a desired location.

What it does

Users will be able to use their Plus Code for many things. It can be used as an address to where delivery services can bring packages. It can help people get the emergency services they need in times of calamity. There are many uses.

Google said the feature will be released in the coming weeks.