Google Maps
Google Maps can now remember where users parked their cars. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

Google Maps users may now use the mapping app to check where they parked their cars. Google has already brought the anticipated Save Your Parking feature to both Android and iOS versions of the app.

On Tuesday, Google Maps product manager Jeff Albertson announced on Google’s official blog the addition of the Save Your Parking feature to the app. Albertson introduced the feature as a tool that would help users remember their parking location. It also saves users time when it comes to finding their parked vehicles.

To use the new feature, Android users are instructed to tap the blue dot on the app’s interface then tap “Save your parking” so they can add the location of their parking space to the map. A label for the parking location would then appear on the map. Users can tap the label if they want to add more information about the parking spot. For example, they can add a note for the specific details of the location, a photo of the spot or the time limit of the meter. The latter comes with the a reminder alert for when the meter is close to expiry. Then, there’s also the option to send the parking spot details to friends.

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According to Albertson, the same steps apply for iOS users. They also need to tap the blue dot in order for them to have access to the “Set as parking location” feature of the app. They can add additional details about the location by tapping the parking label as well. For the Google Maps iOS version, users do not need to worry about encoding their parking location details if their device is connected to their car via USB or Bluetooth. The Google Maps app automatically saves the location of the vehicle once the device is disconnected from the car’s infotainment system.

The Save Your Parking feature was introduced in the Google Maps beta last month. In late March, IBTimes reported that the code for the feature was removed from beta which led testers to believe that Google may have abandoned the project. However, at the start of April, a new beta was released and it restored the Save Your Parking feature to the delight of beta testers.