Google's share of the U.S. search market grew 1.4 percent in November, with competitors like Yahoo and Microsoft Bing, left trailing behind.

According to a report released Wednesday by researcher Hitwise, Google received 71.6 percent share overall and Yahoo and Bing came in distant second and third places, respectively.

Yahoo attracted 16.1 percent search share for October, but declined to 15.4 percent in November. Microsoft Bing had a smaller decline, 9.6 percent in October to 9.3 percent in November.

Google has been busy updating its search features with yesterday's roll out of real-time search and announced Google Goggles, a visual search application which is available in Google labs for now.

Both Google and Microsoft announced in October that they had struck individual real-time search deals with Twitter. Microsoft went one step further and struck a deal with Facebook, as well.

The move into real-time search is an indicator of how important social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have become to the online community.

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