The launch of the Google Nexus One was undoubtedly one of the most hyped phone releases so far this year. However, early reports of its first week of sales, show dismal results.

Software company Flurry, which makes app-tracking software that identifies new smartphones when they come into use, predicts that Google sold just 20,000 of its Nexus One smart phone in its first week of sales.

The Google Nexus One, dubbed the next potential iPhone Killer, lagged behind the 1.6 million units for the iPhone 3GS that Apple released last June.

The phone, which was unveiled on Jan. 5, is the first phone based on Google's Android software that the search giant will sell itself. The Nexus One also came up short in comparison to other Android phones. The Motorola Droid sold 250,000 while the T-Mobile MyTouch sold 60,000 in their first week.

While Flurry estimates that Nexus One was outsold by Droid by more than 12 times, myTouch 3G by 3 times and iPhone 3GS by a staggering 80 times, it's worth noting there are significant differences in the marketing, distribution and perception of the device as revolutionary vs. evolutionary, the company said in a statement.

Google executed an online soft launch of the Nexus One, a very different go-to-market strategy compared to Verizon's launch of Droid, on which it spent a record-breaking $100 million on marketing, including aggressive TV advertising spends.

Meanwhile, users almost immediately began reporting problems with the Nexus One's ability to connect to T-Mobile's 3G network. The issue has been further compounded by Google, T-Mobile and HTC's collective lack of assistance to those seeking help with their new devices.