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Google has opened a 40,000-square-foot office in Pittsburgh, the search giant said in its official blog.

“Nearly five years ago, we announced that we would begin building an engineering presence in Pittsburgh, a city with a strong technology ecosystem as well as an entrepreneurial spirit and great quality of life, said Google on its official blog on December 8.

Growing from 2 engineers to 150 since then, Google now will be continuing its commitment to growth in the region, the post added.

Google believes that its latest expansion holds a great opportunity for Pittsburgh’s brilliant engineers who earlier had to think of going elsewhere to succeed with careers in computer science and engineering.

“We hope that the scrappy start-up culture we’ve maintained from the beginning at Google Pittsburgh as well as the burgeoning tech community throughout the city continues to encourage them to consider coming home,” said the blog post.

In this office, located in Bakery Square, Google is focusing on the initiatives related to Ads Quality, Product Search, reCAPTCHA, Sky in Google Earth, and the Sky Map planetarium app. A Google Apps sales team has also been put together.