Moshi Adapter
Google has removed the Moshi Type-C adapter from the Google Store. Moshi

Google has removed the Moshi Type-C adapter from the Google Store even before it could start selling the accessory. It’s not clear why the company did this, but the move comes after the device received negative reviews from customers on Amazon.

On Wednesday, Android Police noticed that the $45 Moshi Type-C charging/audio adapter’s page on the Google Store is no longer around. This means Google quietly deleted the store page even though the accessory never went on sale.

The store page for the adapter previously indicated that it was “coming soon.” However, the announcement did not change for six months, so the adapter’s official release date was never known.

Even though Google did not justify it’s move, it’s easy to see that it ditched the adapter because Moshi also did not sell it through its official store. It also did not help that the units that managed to get to customers who bought the adapter from Amazon received a lot of complaints.

The customer reviews for the product are downright brutal. The adapter also only received a disappointing 1.8 rating out of five stars. Concerns raised against the accessory ranged from its build quality to its performance.

One irate customer wrote: “I don’t generally make a habit of reviewing products, but I’m making an exception here, because this thing is absolute garbage.” The customer explained that he had experienced issues with the adapter after a little while since purchasing it. He then stated that the accessory broke after a couple of weeks and he wasn’t able to return it.

Another customer gave the product one star because of its “annoying static feedback in the car.” According to the customer, the static feedback is present when the auxiliary cable is used while charging. He also noted how the static gets “really loud” when audio inside the car is paused.

For $45, the Moshi Type-C charging/audio adapter initially promised to provide users with a solution for Pixel and other phones that only have the Type-C port. Unfortunately, Moshi may have failed to deliver a product that meets expectations given its exorbitant price. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise why Google abandoned the idea of selling it through the Google Store.