Google has updated its Search feature with a new feature for moviegoers. Reuters/Arnd Wiegmann

Google wants moviegoers to use its Search feature more, so it is updating the feature with tools that will come in handy when users are looking for the nearest theater that’s showing a certain film.

On Tuesday, Google announced via a blog post the changes that it is bringing to its Search feature. Such changes are said to make it easier for moviegoers to locate a cinema and find and purchase tickets to a film they are planning to see.

The updated Search feature will henceforth show important details about movies that are currently showing in cinemas. Users can check for ratings, showtimes and theater locations of the movie that they want to see. They can then quickly compare the information about the film and decide if they still want to see it and where they want to watch it play on the big screen.

According to Android Police, users will now be able to easily locate nearby theaters that show the specific movie they have in mind. There is also an option that allows users to pick their favorite cinema and check for the movies that are currently being shown there.

All movie-related information are displayed in Google Cards fashion. The cards are stacked one on top of another, so users can easily scroll through them and tap one entry. Clicking on a card would reveal other details about a movie. As usual, there is still an overview tab that displays general information, trailer and the cast of the film.

Interestingly, the Search results page now has a Theaters tab that basically allows users to lookup movies using multiple filters. They can filter out information based on venues, date, genre, screen type and many more, as per 9to5Google.

The new features of Google Search is currently live in the United States and in India. For the latter, the movie screening details are presented both in English and in Hindi. Users do not need their laptops to access the new Search features. Google has made them available to mobile browsers and on the Google Android app. They are also expected to come to the iOS version of Search in the near future.