Google is running into legal problems with privacy advocates in both Greece and Japan over its Google Maps feature, Street View.

The company was confronted with similar problems in the UK in March when Privacy International was trying to shut down Google Street View. Then, a few weeks later, residents in the UK town of Broughton blocked a Google Street View car.

Meanwhile, Japanese have complained that Google's Street View cameras were mounted so high, that they were shooting over private fences and straight into Japanese homes. In response, Google agreed to lower its cameras by 16 inches for its re-shoot and for all future Street View photographs in Japan.

Over in Greece, Google is having more serious problems. Privacy officials have suspended Google's Street View project altogether.

The Hellenic Data Protection Authority wants more information from Google about how long it plans to store photos and how Google will protect personal privacy before the HDPA allows Google to continue shooting in Greece, according to CNN.

Google has confirmed that it will blur license plates and human faces of photos taken in Japan and Greece. This is something it has done in other countries where Street View photographs have been taken.