Google may be working hard at creating longer-lasting batteries. Reuters

Add Google to the long list of tech giants trying to fix a vexing problem: battery life. Google’s X lab is working to advance lithium-ion technology to make batteries last longer, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The project began in 2012 when Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj began testing the power sources of the company’s devices. Now, his team of four employees is working within the company’s private lab on solid-state battery technology that can be produced on a large scale for consumer products.

Solid-state batteries are smaller than typical batteries and transmit currents using solids instead of liquids. They’re also safer because they don’t contain any flammable contents. The Wall Street Journal claims Bhardwaj’s team hopes to develop the technology for Google Glass and even for the lab’s smart contact lenses.

Google may also be working with AllCell Technologies on Project Loon and three more hardware programs to develop batteries that stand up better to frigid weather conditions. Cold temperatures can often rapidly drain smartphone batteries.

Researchers at Stanford University last week claimed to have developed battery technology that would allow a smartphone to be charged in less than a minute.