Google will roll out a flexible tool to add more contacts on Google+ over the next few days. For users with contacts scattered across diverse email services and social networks, Google+'s new Address Book Uploader would be the one click button to synchronize and manage all.

The already existing one-click contact importer on Google+ imports contacts from Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail and also takes care of keeping the sync up to date.

Many email systems - even some social networks - put users in charge of their own data by helping them export their contacts in the standard CSV or vCard formats, Google post wrote announcing the new feature. Google+ users can download/export contacts from other networks, after which they can click on the Find and invite tab to see the Upload address book button.

One thing about our uploader is that we won't mix your imported contacts up with all of your other Google Contacts. We only store the ones that you put into your Circles, says Google. The exported addresses can be dragged and dropped to existing or new circles.

Though Google+'s new feature will make it easier for users to manage contacts and will cut manual effort, users wouldn't be able to synchronize Facebook contacts with Google+, simply because Facebook wouldn't allow it.

Ever since Google+ was launched Facebook has blocked any tool that could export user data from Facebook. In an act that can be called the height of desperation, Facebook blocked a third-party Google Chrome extension developed for exporting Facebook Friends' lists to Google+ within days of latter's launch.

Second instance was reported on Tuesday when Facebook slammed the door for Open-Xchange's OX.IO export tool - a service which merges data from all your networks and address books to create your magic address book.

To block the Chrome extension, Facebook had changed its OAuth (Open Authorization) 2.0 API in such a way that it suddenly removed e-mail addresses from the queries without warning; something which Facebook did again, against OX.IO, to avoid Facebook users grab their own data and run.

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