Fox’s Batman origins drama, “Gotham,” premiered on Sept. 22, and it introduced plenty of familiar and new characters. The series kicked off with petty theft and murder before the title card even came up. Check out what you missed in the bloody premiere:

The episode started with Catwoman (Carmen Bicondova) crawling on the rooftops of Gotham City. She dropped into Chinatown to pickpocket people. Catwoman brought milk to a stray alley cat, but she climbed up a fire escape when she saw the Wayne's coming.

A mugger approached the family and demanded Mr. Wayne’s wallet and his wife’s pearl necklace. Even though they handed the items over, the mugger shot them. He couldn’t bring himself to shoot Bruce (David Mazouz), though.

At the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD), rookie Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) had to deal with a suspect holding a gun to an officer’s head. Gordon got the gun away from the criminal without shooting him, but that’s a bad thing in Detective Harvey Bullock’s (Donal Logue) eyes.

"Somebody takes a cop’s gun, you shoot him," Bullock told him. "That’s basic."

They got called to the theatre district to deal with the Wayne murder. Bullock wanted the Major Crimes Unit to take a case with such powerful victims, but the cop on the scene saw Gordon talking to Bruce—who refused to talk to anyone—and told him that they were stuck with the case.

Gordon told Bruce that he knew how he felt. A drunk driver killed Gordon’s dad, a former DA in Gotham. “However dark and scary the world might be right now, there will be light,” Gordon promised.

Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) picked up Bruce, and Gordon gave his word to Alfred that they would solve the case. But Alfred wasn't reassured -- he knew that Gordon must be new on the job.

Major Crimes officers Renee Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) and Crispus Allen (Andrew Stewart Jones) offered to take the case, but Bullock decided that he wasn’t going to give it to them because he didn’t like their attitude. However, his captain wouldn’t allow him to take Gordon off the case.

“This is not a city or a job for nice guys,” Bullock warned.

The men visited Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) since she knew about all crime in the theater district. Mooney greeted Bullock with a kiss and told the men that she was having a staff member beaten out back. Bullock said that Fish got a pass on these things. Gordon went out back to find Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) beating a man with a bat. It was clear that Fish was in charge here, not the GCPD.

At his girlfriend Barbara’s apartment, Gordon confessed that he wasn’t sure he could solve the Wayne's case, but Barbara assured him that she had faith in him. He was called in the middle of the night to meet Bullock. They went to an apartment where a redheaded child named Ivy (Clare Foley) opened the door. She told them that they didn’t want to see her father because he was mean.

They met Mario Pepper and asked him about Mrs. Wayne's pearl necklace and said they would search the apartment for it. He flipped the table and ran. Gordon went after him and chased him down the fire escape and through a building. When they fought, it seemed like Gordon was going to get killed -- until Bullock shot the criminal.

Gordon and Bullock attended the Waynes’ funeral after their apparent victory. Bruce shook Gordon’s hand, and Gordon apologized that Bruce couldn’t see a trial for the man that killed his parents. Bruce was solemn, but he was grateful that Gordon kept his promise. However all was not as it seemed.

Oswald told the Major Crimes officers that the GCPD had Fish Mooney frame Mario Pepper. She had the necklace hidden in a bag of drugs. He claimed that he wanted to do his civic duty, but they knew that Oswald wanted to push Fish out of the way in the organized crime hierarchy. He wanted to run crime.

Renee from Major Crimes visited Barbara. Renee told Barbara that the GCPD framed Mario Pepper. Barbara claimed that Gordon was the most honest man in the world, and Renee asked if Gordon knew Barbara the way she knew Barbara.

Gordon confronted Renee after Barbara asked him if he knew anything about Pepper being framed. He went back to Pepper’s apartment and realized he didn’t have any shiny shoes, an identifier that Bruce had described. When Gordon confronted Bullock, he claimed to have no idea that Pepper was framed. Bullock also informed Gordon that they killed Pepper, so they would lose their jobs if he weren’t the real killer.

Gordon visited Fish Mooney to tell her that he knew what she did. He knocked out her two bodyguards, but Fish knocked Gordon out with a lamp.

After Barbara came looking for Gordon at the office, Bullock went to the butcher’s meat locker to find the new detective beaten and hung up by his feet. Bullock bargained for Gordon’s freedom. He thought he had an agreement with Fish, but the criminal told her men to hang him up with Gordon.

Back at Fish’s club, she explained to Oswald that she loved him like a son, and she didn’t understand why he went to Major Crimes. He claimed he wasn’t the snitch. He was loyal and “would open a vein” for her if she asked. She handed him a knife, but he couldn’t cut himself. Fish knew that Oswald was the only one who saw her with the pearls, so she broke a wooden chair over his head.

Meanwhile in the meat locker, one of Fish’s lackeys called in Frankie for “show time,” but Falcone (John Doman), Fish’s boss, showed up to stop him. Apparently, it’s against the rules to kill a cop without permission from Falcone.

Falcone explained to Gordon that he used to be friends with Gordon’s father. He set up Pepper’s framing to reassure the citizens of Gotham. He had no idea who actually killed the Waynes.

“I’m a business man,” Falcone said. “You can’t have organized crime without law and order.”

Bullock took Gordon to the docks with Oswald in the trunk. Gordon was ordered to take Oswald to the end of the pier and put a bullet in his head. He had to prove he was “with the program” in order to save himself and anyone he loved.

“Sometimes in war you got to do a bad thing to do good, right?” Bullock said.

“There’s a war coming. A terrible war,” Oswald said. He claimed that Falcone’s reign was coming to an end. He pleaded for his life as Gordon took him to the edge of the dock.

Gordon said, “Don’t ever come back to Gotham,” before he pushed Oswald into the water and fired into the air. He just barely missed Oswald, and to Bullock, it looked like Gordon killed Oswald.

Gordon went to visit the Wayne estate when he found Bruce on the roof. Bruce said he was “conquering fear.”

Gordon explained that he hadn’t found Bruce’s parents’ killer. He asked for Bruce’s silence and a second chance to find the murderer. Bruce said that he wanted to see his parents’ killer again and agreed to stay silent and let Gordon work to change Gotham.

As Gordon left, Selina (Camren Bicondova) was seen lurking around the gates of the Wayne estate.

The episode closed with Oswald’s return. He came out of the water and stabbed a man for his sandwich.

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