The “Gotham” Season 1 poster is offering fans a new experience that Fox is calling a “living poster.” It’s basically a gif with a pause button. “Gotham” will follow James Gordon as a rookie detective and the villains of Batman comics as they all become the characters our winged-hero knows as an adult. The poster zooms through the high-rise buildings of Gotham and eventually focuses on the cast. However, fans of DC Comics will want to press that pause button a lot. The living poster has plenty of Easter eggs for fans who pay close attention. Here are some hidden references you can look for:

1. Catwoman’s Lounge is a bright-pink neon sign.

2. Riddler Hotel might not be the official name, but it’s hard to imagine a business calling themselves Question Mark Hotel. The Riddler’s trademark punctuation is the easiest Easter egg to find.

3. Joker Casino uses a neon joker card on its sign, but that just might be Harley Quinn on the joker card.

4. Ivy Tower, a reference to Poison Ivy, is a sign you might miss if you blink in the first half-second of the trailer.

5. Gotham Hauling billboards appear twice in the first three seconds, but fans might have to zoom in to find them.  

Villains typically don't put their evil names on businesses, so it would seem that these landmarks are only for the poster. However, viewers will get to see young versions of Catwoman, the Riddler, the Joker and Poison Ivy in "Gotham." Catwoman is even hanging out on top of the Gotham sign in the poster. 

Check out the living poster at TV Line.

“Gotham” premieres Monday, Sept. 22, on FOX at 8 p.m. EDT. Did you find any other hidden treats? Let us know in the comments section.