Maggie Geha Gotham
Maggie Geha will be the new Poison Ivy in “Gotham” Season 3. She is pictured at the L.K. Bennett Spring and Summer 2014 press days in New York Oct. 10, 2013. Getty Images

Poison Ivy officially has a new face. Fox revealed that Maggie Geha will take over the role, but the “Gotham” Season 3 writers won’t just throw her in without acknowledging the sudden change.

Ivy Pepper was previously played by 14-year-old Clare Foley. It appears an incident at the mysterious Indian Hill research facility will suddenly age her five years. “Following an encounter with a monster from Indian Hill, Ivy Pepper finds herself reborn, and one step closer to the DC villain she is destined to become: Poison Ivy,” Fox teased in its press release (via Entertainment Weekly).

It seems Indian Hill will continue to be a big focus in “Gotham” Season 3. Valerie Vale (Jamie Chung) will be investigating the research facility that’s disguised as a toxic waste dump where she will determine that Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) must have something to do with the odd occurrences that happen there. Ivy won’t be focused on the detective, though. She’ll set her sights on Batman himself.

“Now a 19-year-old woman who’s harnessed the full power of her charms, she sets her sights on Bruce Wayne,” the Fox release revealed.

Ivy Pepper was played by Foley for two seasons on a recurring basis. Geha will be a series regular, but the episode in which she’ll be reintroduced hasn’t been announced.

The first episode titles for “Gotham” Season 3 were released, but they don’t appear to reveal much about Ivy. Comic Book Resources reported that actor Drew Powell posted photographs of the first two script covers on Twitter. The covers announced that the first two episodes are called “Better to Reign in Hell ...” and “Burn the Witch.” The tweet has since been taken down, but it seem “Gotham” fans are in for a dramatic season opener.

“Gotham” Season 3 premieres on Fox Monday, Sept. 19, at 8 p.m. EDT.