Both the Fox show “Gotham” and the Warner Bros. film “Justice League” share the story of Batman, but in completely different ways.

The former follows the story of Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and how he encountered the young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) right after he lost his parents. The latter features the grown-up Bruce (Ben Affleck) and his team-up with some of the world’s best superheroes, including the Flash (Ezra Miller).

It doesn’t seem likely for the two’s cast to mingle, but Mazouz, together with Sean Pertwee, who plays Bruce’s butler Alfred Pennyworth, got the chance to hang out with Ezra Miller, who plays the Flash in “Justice League.”

Pertwee even posted about the encounter on Instagram.

Not everybody loved the “Justice League” movie from the DCEU, but Mazouz is actually a huge fan. “I love it. I love ‘Justice League,’” Mazouz told Discussing Film. “I walked out of that movie and thought it was a fun movie. It really felt like a roller coaster, and it was so much fun. I love Gal Gadot, she is so cool. I loved Jason Momoa as Aquaman. I loved Ezra Miller as Flash, and I especially loved Ben Affleck as Batman. I thought they all did an amazing job. I think he is a really strong Batman. Kind of this idea that Batman has been doing this for years and years and years. I loved everything about it.”

He even heaped praises on the movie on his Twitter page, although he also poised a few questions about a missing character and scene.

The scene Mazouz was referring to was originally shown in a scene from the San Diego Comic-Con trailer for “Justice League.” In the end, it was cut from the theatrical release of the film when directorial duties transitioned from Zack Snyder to Joss Whedon.

“Justice League” sadly flopped during its opening weekend, since it only raked in an estimated $96 million in the U.S. and Canada box office.