Anna Gunn Gracepoint
"Gracepoint" will feature Anna Gunn's first role as a series regular since AMC's "Breaking Bad" ended. The series is a remake of the British series "Broadchurch." Fox/Mathieu Young

Anna Gunn’s first major TV role in her post-“Breaking Bad” career will be on Fox’s new limited series,“Gracepoint.” The show will follow Gunn’s character, Ellie Miller, a detective in the quiet, seaside town of Gracepoint. She is up for a promotion, but Detective Emmett Carver (David Tennant) comes in from out of town and steals the position. When a young boy is murdered, the two have to team up to solve the mystery. Here is what you should know about the new mystery series:

1. It’s A Remake

BBC America fans will recognize the show as “Broadchurch,” which also starred David Tennant (of “Doctor Who” fame). The premises are almost identical with only slight changes to the American version (including Tennant taking on an American accent). However, Tennant claimed that there will be more changes as the show goes on. “We’re not making ‘Gracepoint’ for people who’ve seen ‘Broadchurch,’” Tennant told the New York Post. “I make no apologies for that. You’ll recognize a lot of what happens in ‘Gracepoint’ from ‘Broadchurch,’ but you’ll also see things you haven’t seen before. We have more episodes [than ‘Broadchurch’] so there’s more of plot, more characters and some elements that don’t have a precedent in the original.”

2. Limited Series

"Gracepoint" is being advertised as a “mystery event” and will be limited to 10 episodes. The storytelling format will be similar to “American Horror Story.” The mystery will be solved in 10 episodes, and there aren’t currently plans for a second season.

3. Personal Investigation

Gunn’s character Ellie is from the small town, so the murder case at the center of "Gracepoint" is personal. The victim was best friends with her son, and he might know something about the homicide. Since Ellie grew up in the quiet town, she has never had a homicide case before. That’s why her partnership with Emmett becomes important. She can be the sympathetic one while he can figure out when to get straight to business.

4. Ellie Isn’t Skyler

Gunn’s “Gracepoint” character sounds a lot more likable than her “Breaking Bad” character, Skyler. “What I really loved about the Ellie character is that she doesn’t have a bitter bone in her body,” Gunn told the Los Angeles Times. “She doesn’t have a resentment in her. She is about hard work and she is about getting the job done. I think she is truly one of those cops that believes in the motto ‘To serve and protect.’”

Watch the extended trailer for "Gracepoint" below:

“Gracepoint” premieres Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox. Are you excited to see Anna Gunn’s career post-“Breaking Bad”? Sound off in the comments section below.