Cygames has recently released the beta access codes for the upcoming “Granblue Fantay Versus” Online Beta this coming Friday. Aside from the access codes, Cygames also released game guides on how to move around the game’s menus and the character’s movesets. Here’s what we know about the “Granblue Fantasy Versus” Online Beta.

According to the official Granblue Fantasy Twitter, the publisher has confirmed that the codes for the closed beta have already been sent out. Players who applied for the event could be fortunate enough to receive a beta code that they can use to start playing the beta on May 31 and June 1 at select times, according to the official site. The beta codes were sent to the email accounts players used to subscribe to the service. Registration to receive the beta codes has already ended.

More than its starting dates and access times, the publisher has also released tutorials on running around its online lobbies. Similar to other Arc System Works titles, players will meet in a lobby full of arcade cabinets where they’ll have to pair up in a cabinet to fight each other.

Before sitting down near one of the cabinets, the guides also teach how to select a character for this type of matches. To make the fights faster, players can set their preferred character before they can fight so the game can avoid the character select screen when playing online.

Speaking of characters, the makers of the game have also posted a dedicated page for the character’s moves. Both universal controls and character specific moves are discussed in these guides. However, the newly revealed characters, such as Lowain and Ladiva, have yet to receive their own moveset guides.

The whole Closed Beta will run for two days from May 31 to June 1, giving select players enough time to explore and enjoy the game. Meanwhile, most fans are asked to go try the Online Beta, for it’ll still have some playable content even when the servers go down for maintenance. Players would be able to do a regular Versus CPU mode to pass the time or have an online Casual Match with other players. No offline versus mode has been confirmed for the Closed Beta.