The "Granblue Fantasy Versus" closed beta phase is current ongoing, and many players are trying the game out. The current beta only holds five playable characters and players are diligently studying how all of them work. Here’s what we know about this game’s closed beta.

According to the official site about the "Granblue Fantasy Versus" closed beta details, the next and last testing would be around 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST. Players would to have to play against other players online to try out the first set of characters introduced in this beta. The whole beta’s goal is for its developers to test out the online play features which is doing well so far.

So far, the playable characters are Gran, Katalina, Lancelot, Charlotta, and Ferry. Other two characters, namely Lowain and Ladiva, previously introduced prior to this beta are not playable in this build. So far, most characters have complete toolsets for the skills such as having a fireball projectile, a reversal uppercut move, and an attack that helps close the gap.

Many players note that “Granblue Fantasy Versus” is similar to Capcom’s “Street Fighter” series and it clearly shows. In this game, players only have single, high-committal jumps and no airdashes to help mix up the jumping patterns. While characters like Ferry and Lancelot have ways to be safe from incoming attacks while jumping around, the whole system keeps players on their toes as both players read each other’s moves to land a clean hit.

Unlike the usual anime-style fighting games with high flying mechanics and mobility, “Granblue Fantasy Versus” locks both players more in intense grounded battle. As both players realize their enemy’s patterns and get more familiar with their tools, the match’s pace goes from slow to immensely fast. The five characters are given reliable dodge tools and moves that interrupts attacks cleanly which contribute to a match’s fast pace.

Players will be able to learn to be fast on their toes as the game offers tools for both beginners and veteran players. The game supports “shortcut specials” where players need to push the shortcut special (R1 by default) button and a single direction button to do a different special move. Players can also see a “skill cooldown” docket near the health bar which allows players to accurately read on which special moves a character can’t do at the moment.

As for learning the higher level play, it’s easier to do so as many popular players based from the United States, Japan, and Europe are already playing the game. Finding a strong opponent is a common sight in the closed beta tests.

For now, we’ll have to wait for the game’s release to know more on how this game will be played beyond the closed beta. “Granblue Fantasy Versus” is confirmed to have an unspecified 2019 release.