The voice cast and director of “Granblue Fantasy” recently discussed its fighting game spinoff in a livestream. New details about “Granblue Fantasy Versus” will be revealed in early August, quenching the thirst of many fans who have been waiting for new information for a while now.

On the official “Granblue Fantasy” Twitter, voice actress Takagi Miyu asked the game’s producer Yuito Kimura about the fighting game. “I’m really looking forward to 'Granblue Fantasy Versus,' Will Belial show up in the game?” Takagi asked the producer.

However, the producer dodged the question about the character and declined to provide any new information aside from confirming that there will be announcements coming on Aug. 3.

The Granblue Extra Fest Osaka 2019 event will also be kicking off on this day. The event will feature a talk show that will discuss the upcoming updates, news, reveals and giveaways for avid “Granblue Fantasy” players. Kimura confirmed that there will be information about “Granblue Fantasy Versus” during this event.

On the same date, premiere fighting game tournament EVO 2019 will also be kicking off. Aside from the hype matches during the tournament, the big event is also expected to reveal information about new updates or fighting games to be released soon. “Granblue Fantasy Versus” fans have two events happening on the same day to get fresh details about this game.

The latest announcement about the upcoming fighting game came last May when a character was revealed. The muscled wrestler Ladiva was confirmed for the game, featuring wrestling moves against the cast armed with swords and magic. After her reveal, many fans were on the lookout for every major tournament and anime convention happening in Japan and North America for new details about the game.

Many fighting game fans are looking forward to the game due to its gameplay and colorful cast of characters. “Granblue Fantasy Versus” will be an 2D fighting game title that sports attacks and abilities normally found in high-mobility fighting games and removes the said mobility tools to outmaneuver these attacks.

For now, we’ll have to wait for August to see the new reveals for “Granblue Fantasy Versus.”