New footage showing the moment a Georgia Tech University student was fatally shot by a campus police officer has emerged, providing what is possibly the clearest view of the incident.

The latest video was filmed by a student using a cell phone from a nearby residential hall and was tweeted by the lawyer for the victim Scout Schultz’s family on Wednesday.

Schultz, who was an LGBTQ activist, died after being allegedly shot on the university's Atlanta campus by officer Tyler Beck on the night of Sept. 16. In the 24-second clip, three campus officers are seen standing in a semi-circle with guns drawn. Beck is believed to be the man standing in between the other two.

Schultz is then seen slowly walking toward the officers, allegedly carrying what the officers said was a utility tool with the blade not extended. He apparently ignored the commands to drop the multi-purpose tool and was heard on an earlier video of the incident shouting, “Shoot me!” at the officers at the point.  

Chris Stewart, the attorney for Schultz’s parents, talked about the video and told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “(Beck) should’ve definitely seen he wasn’t holding a knife,” Stewart said. “This video is devastating for Georgia Tech.” 

He added: "What’s striking about it is the officer to (Beck’s) right is stepping back. (The other officer) was doing what you’re supposed to do. All of the other officers are de-escalating." 

Beck is then seen firing a bullet at Schultz who drops to the ground. Schultz was pronounced dead early morning Sept. 17 after being taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Fox 5 Atlanta reported at the time of the incident. The full video can be seen by clicking this link (Warning: Graphic content). 

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia Tech Police officers were said to be responding to a 911 call regarding a person with a knife and a gun on the downtown Atlanta campus when they found Shultz outside a dormitory wielding a knife. "Officers provided multiple verbal commands and attempted to speak with Schultz who was not cooperative and would not comply with the officers’ commands.  Schultz continued to advance on the officers with the knife.  Subsequently, one officer fired striking Schultz," the GBI statement said.

Beck has since been placed on administrative leave and a GBI investigation into the incident is ongoing.