Remember Cappie from “Greek”? Viewers loved watching him win Casey over four seasons on the ABC Family hit series ... but we kind of forgot to keep up with the actor, Scott Michael Foster. Last we checked, he had a signature look with his long, flipped-out hair.

But now he's got a new look. Foster has joined ABC Family's new show, “Chasing Life,” and is almost unrecognizable to "Greek" fans. Cappie's long hair has been chopped off, and in his place is a clean-cut and dapper young man.

The show brings the actor back to "Greek's" former network and has him playing Leo Hendrie, a politician’s son. Leo doesn’t like being associated with his family’s power and money, and has copped a serious attitude with the show's lead, a young reporter with leukemia named April (Italia Ricci). But despite the tension between the pair, a romance could be blooming somewhere down the line.

If Foster and Ricci's characters do develop a relationship, they'll be traveling down a familiar road. His "Chasing Life" co-star also guest starred on "Greek" as a love interest for Cappie in Season 2, episode 18. Foster, however, doesn't really remember her.

Ricci told Broadway World, "He didn't even remember me at the table read for 'Chasing Life' for the second episode [laughs]. I introduced myself and I was like 'we worked together' and he's like 'really, when?' I was like, 'oh wow' because we had to kiss in 'Greek.' But we are so close now."

Foster has been working steadily since “Greek” ended in 2011. He has had roles on “Parenthood,” “Melissa and Joey,” “Zero Hour” and “Californication.” Fans of the "Greek" alum can also catch Scott Michael Foster on AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire” this summer.

“Chasing Life” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC Family and “Halt and Catch Fire” airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT. Which look do you prefer on Foster: messy or polished? Take the poll below!