Green Day rocker Billie Joe Armstrong apparently didn't want to pull up his low-riding rock trousers, so he was booted off a Southwest plane. He's not the first the airline has kicked off for wearing revealing clothes, either.

The 39-year-old Green Day rock musician sent a message on Twitter after he was not allowed to take a flight because his pants were too low, CBS News reported. In California, Armstrong was trying to fly from Oakland to Burbank when Southwest booted off the Green Day front man because his sagging pants were too low.

The Bay Area musician tweeted Thursday about the episode: Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! What the f--- No joke!

Cindy Qiu, an ABC7 news producer was on the same flight Armstrong tried to board. She reported that a Southwest flight attendant approached the rocker before take off and asked him to pull his pants up. Qui reported that when Armstrong insisted he was just trying to get into his seat, he and a companion were taken off the plane.

But the flight attendant apparently persisted, insisting his pants were too low and asking him to hike them up -- words that apparently upset the Green Day front man.

Don't you have better things to do then worry about that? Qui reported Armstrong as saying.

A Southwest spokesman said Armstrong and his traveling companion were allowed to board the next flight.

Booting a passenger for a wearing a revealing outfit isn't a first for Southwest. In 2007, the airline kicked Kyla Ebbert from a plane after employees told her she was too bare for the air -- considering a miniskirt she wore wasn't long enough to cover her panties when she sat in a seat.

The 23-year-old was a college student at waitress at Hooters at the time from the San Diego area.