Grey's Anatomy season 10 finale
Will Sandra Oh's character, Cristina Yang, survive the Season 10 finale? Grey's Anatomy

“Grey’s Anatomy” is only four episodes away from airing its Season 10 finale, which means fans of the long-running ABC series have until May 15 to figure out what exactly this so-called “shocking” ending will be.

Rumors have been relentlessly teasing us about what could occur in the final episode of Season 10. But throughout all the murky predictions, we know one thing for sure: Episode 24 will be Sandra Oh’s last. For those who don’t know, Oh took on the role of the wicked smart and super sassy cardiothoracic surgery fellow Christina Yang. Now, ten years later, the surgeon will be hanging up her scrubs. But not before one last hoorah.

"I want this to be a celebration," Oh told The Hollywood Reporter after announcing her departure from the show. "I want us to get to that point where we see this character ride off into the sunset … Playing Cristina and growing her and growing myself in her, I want to usher her into the next section of her life in the best way possible. It's got to be Cristina Yang's happily-ever-after."

Or will it? According to spoilers, fans are speculating that the only way Cristina will leave Grey Sloan Memorial hospital is in a box. In typical “Grey’s Anatomy” fashion, the season finale will end with a bang—or should we say explosion? Episode 24, which is said to be “shaken not stirred,” will stop your hearts when the final episode reveals its twisting plot.

TV Line explained that episode 24 will be the most “traumatic season finale” ever when a rumored act of terrorism hits, leaving the hospital chock-full of injured patients. And we have a feeling that those effected by the season finale blow out will already be in the hospital when evil strikes. What do we mean? Well, it was reported that a journalist who is on scene at the time of the violence will say that there’s “an intensely dangerous situation” occurring and that it’s not even safe for her to be reporting near the hospital. Could the hospital be under attack? And if so, is Cristina’s life in danger?

We wouldn’t put it past Shonda Rimes to kill off a main character like that. However, we take comfort in the fact that Oh revealed she would absolutely reprise her character for a “Grey’s Anatomy” guest appearance.

"There's no way that no one could keep me away from that,” she said. Yeah, unless Cristina ends up six feet under, Sandra!

Do you think Cristina Yang will meet a gruesome fate in the season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy”?