I Wanna Marry Harry fox reality tv show
Watch the most ridiculous moments from the leaked trailer of "I Wanna Marry Harry." I Wanna Marry Harry

We’ve seen our fair share of crazy TV love-competitions from “Flavor of Love” to “Joe Millionaire.” But never have we ever seen something quite like Fox’s new series “I Wanna Marry Harry.”

Let us explain: Basically, you’re newest TV obsession, which is set to air May 27, is a show that revolves around royally duping 12 silly American women into thinking they’re on a reality show to potentially win Prince Harry’s hand in marriage. Yep, I’ll say it again—Prince Harry, the son of the Prince of Wales and Princess Diana.

When we first caught wind of this ridiculous show we thought it was a hoax. There’s no way 12 women could be tricked into thinking the dapper dressed imposter was Prince Harry. But even if they did, wouldn’t they be confused, for just a moment, as to why Prince William’s little brother would go on a cheesy American show to find love? C’mon, ladies!

Looks like Harry-fever has blinded the 12 red head-loving women into thinking they could one day become royalty themselves. And because of that, Fox viewers get to watch TV’s most hysterical (or saddest) love-competition yet. "Prince Harry, Harry Potter. I don't care," one desperate contestant said.

“I Wanna Marry Harry” has just released a trailer for its series premiere and we’ve already found a few gems hidden in the 34 seconds of pure comedy gold that will surely make you’re day.

1. Matthew Hicks, a normal English dude who just so happens to resemble Prince Harry, will play the role of HRH.

“I really I hope I have what it takes to pull it off,” Hicks said. We wonder, is he really even looking for love? Or was he coaxed into doing this show for the cash? Just curious!

2. Fake Prince Harry will make his debut via helicopter because, seriously, what other way does a “prince” make his royal entrance?

3. Fake Prince Harry will hire fake Prince Harry security to follow him around. There’s nothing scarier than fake prince stalkers. “His security is not for show. It’s real,” a contestant proclaims in the promo. Right you are, darling.

4. There will be loads of “paparazzi” in “I Wanna Marry Harry.” So, smile pretty, ladies! In the promo, you’ll see the fake paparazzi running through the “The Queen’s Garden,” which brings us to our next point…

5. Fox will try and recreate the Buckingham Palace. But since these ladies can’t even tell they’re with a Prince Harry imposter, we doubt they’ll notice they’re not actually eating dinner in official London residence of Britain’s sovereigns since 1837.

6. Lots of tears will be shed over the fake Prince Harry. “You won’t believe how far we go to convince them,” the promo explains. “And you’re going to want to be there when he reveals the truth.” “There’s one more thing you should know,” Hicks said to the unsuspecting woman of his dreams. That’s when we get a quick montage of waterworks.

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